LSU's Scott ready for more

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

Counting Charles Scott’s carries Saturday against Florida may be the best gauge on how the game’s going for LSU.

If he’s up around 20 carries and 100 yards, the Tigers have a great chance.

The 5-11, 234-pound senior is ready to take on as heavy a load as LSU offensive coordinator Gary Crowton wants to give him. Scott had season highs of 95 yards and 19 carries last week in the 20-13 win over Georgia.

It was reminiscent of the Scott we saw last season when he rushed for 1,174 yards and 18 touchdowns. But he also averaged 16.7 carries per game last season.

Until the Georgia game, he’d only been handed the ball an average of 10.7 times a game and had just six carries for 15 yards the week before in the 30-26 win over Mississippi State.

As a team, the Tigers were held to an embarrassing 30 yards rushing on 31 attempts against Mississippi State, and they hadn’t run it much better through three quarters of the Georgia game.

But that’s when Scott and the LSU offense came alive with a pair of touchdowns in the final three minutes that kept the Tigers unbeaten and served as a reminder as to what they do best.

“Running the football is something we’re going to have to have,” said Scott, whose tackle-breaking 33-yard touchdown run was the game-winner against Georgia. “It’s mandatory in our offense. You can try to do some other things and try to trick people, but everybody knows who LSU is and what kind of offense we have.

“That grinding running game is nothing we’re going to change.”

Scott, who’s also had to double some as a fullback this season, joked that it was nice to wake up sore again after the Georgia game.

In other words, he relishes the added work. His history suggests that the more you give it to him in a game, the better he gets.

In the fourth quarter, when everybody’s tired, tackling Scott is like trying to tackle a wrecking ball.

“He runs hard,” Georgia linebacker Rennie Curran said. “You’ve got to wrap that guy up. The one time we didn’t, you saw what happened.”

The Tigers hope to see a lot more of that Saturday night against the best defense they've faced this season.

And so does Scott.