Texas A&M leads in 'GameDay' vote

For those of you wanting to bring "College GameDay" to your campus to shoot a commercial, this is your last chance.

Voting ends at midnight ET, so get to GameDayVote.com via computers, smartphones or using Facebook (facebook.com/collegegameday), to vote for your university.

For those looking to send "College GameDay" anywhere but to Texas A&M or Nebraska, it's going to be an uphill battle. As of 7 p.m. ET Wednesday, Texas A&M held a nice lead over Nebraska at 151,472 to 146,266. Aggies fans pulled away during the past few days, but Nebraska's faithful are keeping it interesting. The next closest is Washington State at 52,171, so it looks like this is pretty much a two-school race. But anything can happen in the 11th hour.

Other SEC teams currently in the top 10 in voting are Arkansas (22,595) and South Carolina (13,303).

The fact that this is a race between the SEC and the Big Ten makes it that much more fun. And it's obviously getting to our friends over at the Big Ten blog. It looks like my good friend Adam Rittenberg is calling for the Big Ten to rally around Nebraska and help topple the big, bad SEC.

Well, SEC fans, are you going to stand for that? Are you going to let the Big Ten take a "College Gameday" commercial from your new brother? It basically means it would be taking it from all of you? Will you let the Big Ten get a "win" over the SEC? If history tells us anything, I'd think not, so stand for your new team and your conference by voting for the Aggies.

But it's OK Big Ten, there's always hockey ...

Here's a list of the top 10 in the voting standings:

  • Texas A&M (151.472)

  • Nebraska (146,266)

  • Washington State (52,171)

  • Clemson (27,384)

  • West Virginia (23,808)

  • Arkansas (22,595)

  • NC State (18,715)

  • Virginia Tech (14,868)

  • Iowa (13,417)

  • South Carolina (13,303)