Poll: The SEC's must-see game in 2012

Just about every week in the SEC, you could pick out a must-see game. That's life in the toughest football conference in the land.

A year ago, the Alabama-LSU game in Tuscaloosa was billed as the latest version of the "Game of the Century."

Well, those two teams will square off for the third time in a year this coming Nov. 3 in Baton Rouge. The Tigers are still smarting from their 21-0 beating at the hands of the Crimson Tide in January's BCS National Championship Game.

Is that your must-see game again in 2012, or is there another matchup you think will be more compelling?

Fans, here's your chance to vote in our SportsNation poll on what will be the game that nobody wants to miss in 2012.

We've come up with five choices, and there are no doubt a few games that will end up being classics that we've left off.

But tell us what you think, and we'll review the results early next week.