Kiffin lays down gauntlet to Georgia

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

Let's just say the stakes in this Georgia-Tennessee rivalry have been raised a bit thanks to the guy who stirs it up in the SEC with the best of them.

Lane Kiffin strikes again.

Following Tennessee's 45-19 blistering of Georgia on Saturday, Eric Berry, the Vols' All-America safety, said Kiffin told the team that the Bulldogs could forget about beating the Vols again as long as Kiffin's running the show on Rocky Top.

"(Kiffin) basically made a promise to us that we wouldn't lose to them anymore, forever or until he leaves," Berry said. "He's not going to let Georgia beat us."

Kiffin wasn't that strong publicly after Saturday's game, but he made it clear what the Georgia game means to Tennessee in terms of recruiting.

"I told the guys last night that I don’t know all the Tennessee history and tradition, nor do I intend to," Kiffin said. "I know there are a lot of great teams in this conference. But I told them, to me, this is the biggest matchup, Georgia. Because of what we do recruiting, for this staff, this is the biggest matchup."