Poll: SEC's greatest individual season

Now it's your turn.

On Monday, I ranked the top five individual performances in the SEC over the past 50 years, and Cam Newton's 2010 season edged out Tim Tebow's 2007 season. They both won the Heisman Trophy. They both put up record-setting numbers, and they both were outstanding leaders. The difference was that Newton led his team to a 14-0 record and national championship in 2010, which gave him the nod.

Did I get it right? Better yet, is there somebody else out there who deserves to be in that top spot?

I listed four choices. Along with Newton in 2010 and Tebow in 2007, I also included Georgia running back Herschel Walker's 1980 season and Alabama linebacker Derrick Thomas' 1988 season. Walker had three brilliant seasons at Georgia. The Bulldogs won the national championship during his freshman season in 1980. He had his most rushing yards (1,891) in a season as a sophomore in 1981, and he won the Heisman Trophy as a junior in 1982.

Thomas, who died in 2000, racked up an incredible 27 sacks during his 1988 season at Alabama and remains one of the most feared pass-rushers to ever play the game.

I've also included an "other" category. I listed 10 other memorable seasons on Monday that just missed the cut. Perhaps one of those players deserves more love. And then again, maybe there's somebody else out there that I've yet to mention. I'm sure you guys will let me know.

Go ahead and vote in our SportsNation poll, and we'll take a look at the results later this week.

Keep in mind that this is the greatest individual season over the past 50 years and not all-time.