Slive continues to push four-team playoff

It might seem like a foregone conclusion that college football will adopt a four-team playoff model, but there will still be more than one postseason model presented June 26 to the presidential oversight committee.

For SEC commissioner Mike Slive, he might be in the minority when it comes to how playoff teams are selected (he's pushing for the "Best Four" model), but he's hoping that he isn't alone when it comes to making sure the four-team playoff model makes it through to the oversight committee, ESPN Big Ten blogger Adam Rittenberg writes.

Slive said he wasn't sure how many playoff models would be presented to the presidents next week in Washington, D.C., but he hopes that the goal coming out of Chicago is that a "comprehensive four-team playoff model" is.

"Our goal is to really take all the work that we’ve done over all these days and hours and months and put it in a comprehensive form for them to fully understand what a four-team playoff would look like," Slive said.

Slive has been very adament about only supporting a four-team playoff. Here's what he had to say about a four-team playoff compared to a plus-one during the SEC spring meetings in Destin, Fla., in May:

“It’s going to allow access in a way that the plus-one does not allow access. It’s better for college football as a whole than just the plus-one.”

In other words: four teams good, plus-one bad.

Though he and ACC commissioner John Swofford proposed a plus-one format in 2008, Slive wants no part of that system anymore and said as much again on Wednesday.

"It'd be pretty hard for me to reverse my view after four years," he said.

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