Chick-fil-A wants in playoff rotation

The new college football playoff, starting in 2014, will feature a rotation of six different bowl games hosting the semifinals.

Five of the obvious choices are the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, new Champions Bowl, Sugar Bowl and Fiesta Bowl. But don't count out Atlanta and the Chick-fil-A Bowl. Gary Stokan, the Chick-fil-A Bowl president, said his bowl would bid for Atlanta to host a semifinal or national championship game.

Stokan's group in Atlanta has done an excellent job in taking the Chick-fil-A Bowl to another level the past few years, and the SEC championship game each year in Atlanta provides as electric an atmosphere for a college football game as you're ever going to find. Atlanta has also been home the past few years to an annual college kickoff game and will host a doubleheader to open the 2012 season when North Carolina State and Tennessee play on Friday night and then Auburn and Clemson on Saturday night in the Georgia Dome. The new College Football Hall of Fame is also scheduled to open in Atlanta in 2014.

For SEC teams, it's obvious that Atlanta would be an ideal location for either a semifinal game or the national championship game.

The same goes for the AT&T Cotton Bowl, which is now played in world-class Cowboys Stadium. The Cotton Bowl has strong ties to the SEC, and one way or the other, I think you're going to see both Dallas and Atlanta play a major role in college football's new playoff.