SEC BCS best/worst from the readers

We asked you readers to let us know what you loved and hated about the BCS when it came to the SEC and you certainly delivered. We received a lot of good suggestions from our readers. Some we agreed with and some we had forgotten about.

We're basically in countdown mode when it comes to saying goodbye to the BCS, so this was a fun look back for us.

Here are your best and worst for the SEC during the BCS era:

Alan in Atlanta writes: Chris & Ed, in response to your article, "The SEC's best and worst of the BCS" I have a slightly different take on your pick for worst. I believe your pick should be reversed to the best. What the heck?!? Why would I say that? Well let me explain? The 2004 Auburn team defiantly got snubbed for the BCS NC that year; however, would you not say this was a pivotal turning point for a playoff push? The idea of having two undefeated teams and no way to settle things on the field really made people wake up. Yes, Auburn fans would and still do look at 04 as a terrible tragedy, but doesn't it take tragedy sometimes to promote change?

Tyler in Knoxville, Tenn., but soon Auburn, Ala., writes: My worst moment was in 2004 when Auburn was slighted of a championship. At the time, I thought we wouldn't get another chance for a long time. My best moment was the championship. My family and I were able to get tickets for the game and, as you can imagine, we were excited. I still remember it like it was yesterday. 19-19 with time left for one more drive. Michael Dyer was presumed tackled, I looked at my family to say that we needed to pass more, then he got up and kept running. I've never screamed so hard in my life. Wes Byrum kicked the game winner a couple of plays later and I never screamed harder. Proudest moment as an Auburn fan. War eagle

Jason in Mobile, Ala., writes: Honesty counts, and with LSU being a "hated" rival, it's not easy to admit this. Yet from an overall SEC perspective, honest is what I will be. Worst moment: Coach Nick Saban heads to the Miami Dolphins. - Going to play versus LSU during the Saban era was no treat. The man brought back a program that had been a doormat since the Billy Cannon days, roughly a half century prior to his arrival. It went much further than a few good recruits. It was the way every player on the team performed. LSU is still a monster on the field nearly a decade after his departure with the foundation he created. Several of his assistants during the LSU era are now head coaches in the league, not to mention out of the league. His leaving was a blow to the SEC as a whole, and Nick Saban is as much a part of what the SEC is as a whole now, as any other reason. Best Moment: Nick Saban returns to the SEC after leaving Miami Dolphins. From a League view-point, picking up where he had left off in Baton Rouge. Keeping the SEC at the top of the list and firmly putting Alabama in the driver seat for as many years as he chooses to stay. All while pumping out assistant coaches that hover at the top of SEC school wish-lists. So much else is obvious and need not be said, but the SEC as a whole benefited more than rival fans will ever admit.

Logan in Bentonville, Ark., writes: Best SEC BCS moment for Arkansas fans? Blocking the punt in the 2011 Sugar Bowl vs Ohio State.Worst SEC BCS? moment for Arkansas fans? No scoop and score on the blocked punt in the 2011 Sugar Bowl vs Ohio State.

Blues in Alabama writes: The best is definitely the SEC getting two teams in this past year, although as a Bama fan, I could make a case for Auburn getting snubbed in 2004. The worst? Tennessee winning in [1998] - No true old school Bama fan EVER pulls for Tennessee (unless they are playing Notre Dame, of course).

William in Augusta, Ga., writes: I think the worst moment was when UGA should have finished second in the country behind OSU but got left out of the championship game due to the fact they didn't win there con, 2007. Ala. didn't win there con last year. What's the difference? UGA was the best that year, which is why USC didn't want to play them in the Rose Bowl.

JC in Chesapeake, Va., writes: I'll have to agree that the SEC's best BCS moment was the 2011 Championship Game (or as I've come to call it, The SEC Invitational). But the worst moment didn't come from Auburn being slighted in the 2004 season. Alabama's performance against Utah in the 2009 Sugar Bowl was dismal! Granted, the Utes were a fine team, but they faced a Crimson Tide squad with a bad attitude and it showed on the field. It was embarrassing. A close runner up would be Arkansas' loss to Ohio State, regardless of it being vacated, because losing to Ohio State in a bowl game is just not an option in the SEC. As Jerry Clower would've said, "There ain't no sense in that!"

Chris in Tampa writes: Best: The best moment was when UF destroyed Ohio State out in Arizona. Every media outlet was ready to crown that team as one of the best ever and did not give the Gators a chance (not to mention questioned whether they deserved to be there). That game started the the streak that the SEC is on and started the debate about SEC "speed" versus other conferences. Worst: Alabama getting destroyed by Utah in the Sugar bowl. The season before UGA stomped the BCS "Buster" Hawaii in the sugar bowl and if Alabama would have done their job the whole discussion of a BCS "buster" would have gone away. Instead this helped to add fuel to the fire.

Scott in Los Angeles, Calif., writes: Best moment: LSU being selected as first 2-loss team in the Championship Game, then dominating Ohio State in it. Worst moment: Southern Cal being gifted with a share of a title claim by the Associated Press even though LSU won it on the field.

Greg Columbia, Mo., writes: Missouri was not part of the SEC at the time, but for Missouri it was 2007-2008.Mizzou won the B12 North and headed into the Big 12 Championship ranked #1, lost to OU, then was bypassed completly for a BCS bowl. To add insult to injury the BCS selected Kansas, a team Mizzou beat the week before, for the Orange bowl. I guess the SEC connection could be that the Tigers trounced an Arkansas team led by Darren McFadden and Felix Jones 38-7 in the Cotton Bowl.

BaristaGator in A Swamp near you! writes: BEST: Major Wright's clean, yet tempo setting hit on Oklahoma WR on Sooner's first offensive possesion of the 2009 BCSNCG, resulting in a three-and-out. The so-called "most prolific offense in the history of college football" was immediately given a taste of what was a bruising night by the Gator defense would be like. Go Gata'

Will in Baton Rouge, La., writes: In my opinion, the 2007 LSU title was the best. It helped establish the fact of how dominant the SEC is. A two-loss SEC team proved that it was still the best in college football in good fashion.