Fans pick Hogs to disappoint in 2012

It was a close race, but the fans in our SportsNation poll have selected Arkansas as the team most likely to disappoint in 2012.

More than 11,000 votes have been cast, and Arkansas pulled in 32 percent of the vote. Georgia was right behind with 30 percent. Coming in third was South Carolina with 20 percent.

It makes sense that Arkansas would be a popular pick. All of college football is waiting to see how the Hogs respond without Bobby Petrino. It should help that all of the players are familiar with interim coach John L. Smith, but it remains to be seen if the Hogs will play with that same edge they did under Petrino.

Before the whole Petrino scandal hit, the expectations surrounding the program were as high as ever. The general consensus was that this would be Petrino's best team at Arkansas, not to mention the Hogs' best chance to break through and win the West.

It's still a very talented team, and the Hogs get both Alabama and LSU at home. So anything less than a split with those two teams is still going to be viewed as a disappointment in Fayetteville.

As for Georgia, the Bulldogs simply can't afford any more off-the-field issues, suspensions and/or dismissals. It's been one thing after the other, and at some point, all that stuff starts to creep onto the field.

It's true that Georgia has a very manageable schedule this season. It's equally true that the Bulldogs could end up imploding if the circus off the field doesn't die down.