Aggies all in as they move to the SEC

Think Texas A&M is excited to be in the SEC?

On Monday, the Aggies' second official day in the league, they raised the flags of their SEC brethren in front of the McFerrin Athletic Center on campus while new athletic director Eric Hyman led chants of "S-E-C" with students and fans.

Hyman certainly knows what the Aggies are getting into. He was the athletic director at South Carolina for seven years prior to replacing Bill Byrne at Texas A&M this past weekend.

"Going into the SEC and knowing Texas and the support, the love, the loyalty, the connection that people have to this university, we have hope," said Hyman, who was at TCU before going to South Carolina. "We have a chance. Is it going to be easy? No. It's not going to be easy, trust me. But it's going to be fun."

First-year head football coach Kevin Sumlin was also on hand for the ceremony and is fully aware what being a part of the SEC can mean for a program.

"It depends on how you measure it, but certainly if you look at (the SEC) from a football standpoint, how many draft choices over the last 10 years, six straight national championships, you look across the league -- just this year -- basketball national champions, softball, on and on and on across the board, it's hard to argue that it's not the best league in the country," Sumlin said.