Arkansas with new approach to award promotion

Arkansas linebacker Tenarius Wright knows exactly what it takes to get with and stay with the times. That's why he's such a fan of Arkansas' new promotional Twitter handle.

"Twitter is my new news channel," Wright said during SEC media days last week.

Well, as Wright filters through the celebrity gossip and sports news that flood his Twitter account he'll now be able to check out Arkansas' new TD2012 (@ARKTD2012) campaign for postseason football awards.

According to a release by the school, the new, savvy Twitter account was developed by Arkansas' athletic department to "support and promote multiple Razorback football student-athletes" and will "highlight information regarding Arkansas' candidates for postseason honors and rally the fans as the season progresses towards election day for each award."

Instead of those massive billboards that schools have had plastered in major cities to support awards candidates in the past, Arkansas is keeping it simple and keeping it very fan-friendly.

"I like it especially because the fans like it," said running back Knile Davis, who could be up for a few awards this fall.

"It's a way to keep them informed and more for the fans, but I like it. It's giving us publicity and it's a cool idea."

Davis added that he doesn't expect Arkansas' new Twitter platform to be much of a distraction, but he does expect more fans to be involved and informed than in the past because of Twitter's immense popularity.

"It's more up-to-date because everyone's on Twitter," he said.

Including his mother, who by last count had about two followers, including her son. And, yes, she does follow Arkansas' new handle.

You have to admit that Arkansas' promotional plan is pretty cool and it's pretty smart. It will help to keep just about everyone interested informed about players and their chances with certain postseason awards.

It markets players and delivers information. Wright says it's the perfect way to promote players on a broader scale.

"Everybody has a Twitter, just like Facebook," he said. "With Twitter, you can shoot videos, links. You can do a lot of things on Twitter. It helps to get our names out there because we do like to get exposed to wider things than just our state. We want to get out nationwide and to do that we have to get on Twitter.

"I understand it and I like it."