Houston's ineligibility frustrates UGA

ATHENS, Ga. -- Georgia finally shed some light on Kolton Houston's NCAA eligibility issues at Thursday's season-opening news conference. Unfortunately for the redshirt sophomore offensive lineman, his case remains unresolved.

As a result, Georgia opened preseason practice without knowing when one of its top offensive linemen -- who completed spring practice as the starting right tackle -- will be available to play.

"It's been tough because obviously it's something that he didn't want and it's not really something that he can control, either," offensive guard Chris Burnette said of Houston, who continues to test positive for steroid use more than two years after unknowingly being administered the drug in the wake of shoulder surgery in 2009, according to UGA medical staffers.

Georgia's staff has tested Houston repeatedly since he initially tested positive in April 2010 for the anabolic steroid Norandrolone and that those tests show that he has not re-used a performance-enhancing substance, but enough trace elements of the drug remain in the system that he continues to test positive.

"It's just tough having to see that and seeing how much talent he has and how much ability he has and him having to just sit on the sideline and wait; it's tough," Burnette said. "Hopefully all of this can get resolved maybe before the season starts because I would be ecstatic to see him out there finally."

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