Auburn's oaks cleared to be rolled

The fight to keep the oaks at Toomer's Corner alive is still going strong, but the Auburn family received some good news Thursday.

While we still don't know if the 131-year trees that stand at the edge of Auburn's campus will survive, they will be a part of Auburn's post-game celebrations this season, as school officials said the branches are strong enough to withstand being rolled with toilet paper.

After being allegedly poisoned by Alabama fan Harvey Updyke with Spike 80DF, it appeared as though the trees wouldn't make it very long. But optimism prevailed and the trees still stand, withered and nearly naked from the loss of leaves.

The life of the trees continues to dwindle, but not enough for the fans not to enjoy them after games this season. As long as they are standing, it looks like Auburn's joyous tradition of rolling them after wins will continue.