Les Miles gets mileage out of image

Gary Laney of GeauxTigerNation has a story on LSU coach Les Miles, whose reputation as the "Mad Hatter" belies a coach who has an all-business side, according to his players.

BATON ROUGE, La. -- Walking out of LSU's fan day on Saturday, a young boy smiled with a Les Miles signed football, his prize for the day.

He waited in line more than an hour to get it, and perhaps his proudest moment was when he finally got to the coach.

"I asked him how the grass tastes in there," the boy said, beaming at the joke he got to tell.

Miles probably heard that kind of humor dozens of times on this particular Saturday. He brought it upon himself on a November afternoon in 2010 when, during a tense moment in what would eventually be a 24-21 win over Alabama, TV cameras caught him reaching down and eating grass off the Tiger Stadium field.

It's now part of the Miles' mystique. He's no generic stuffed golf shirt with a headset and a head full of cliches roaming a college sideline. He's the guy in the sometimes ill-fitting baseball cap -- "The Mad Hatter" -- LSU's grass-chewing, trick-play calling, time-out forgetting, phrase-mangling, lovable character of a coach.

Miles embraces it. Heck, he'll even promote it.

Many, however make the mistake of thinking that's all there is to him.

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