Monday chat wrap

Another solid chat is in the books, so here's the wrap from earlier. And here's a preview if you were watching replays of the US-Mexico game instead:

Tony (Richmond, CA)

Should Gator fans be concerned about the recent string of decommitments of prospects in the 2013 class? Does this put more pressure on Muschamp to have a srong sophomore campaign, preferably make it to Atlanta, in order to stem the tide and not allow any negative perceptions of his regime in Gainesville by recruits to build or gain momentum? Anything less than 9 wins would cast serious doubts, dont' you think? Thanks!

Edward Aschoff (12:03 PM)

To answer your first question, it sounds like Muschamp and his staff were anticipating this happening and there seems to be more happening behind the scenes, as in obligations not made by the recruits themselves. Some recruits commit, but still have to work out for coaches. Sometimes that doesn't happen and the coaches have no other choice but to pull the offer and see what happens. It's very common, actually. I think his last two classes have been good enough that he doesn't have to worry about bringing in top talent. Now, another poor season could hurt him, but I think Muschamp has a chance to put a better team on the field this fall. I don't know if the Gators will get to nine wins, but I think another losing record against conference foes will had some heat to his seat.

Scratches (D'ham, NC)

Hey Ed, what does it say about Tyrann Mathieu since LSU dropped in the AP poll after his dismissal? Do you think he's really that great, or does the media just love the Honey Badger hype a little too much?

Edward Aschoff (12:04 PM)

I think it tells you just how special of an athlete he was. He was total game-changer and was a big play waiting to happen when he stepped out on the field. But I still feel like LSU is the top team on paper entering the season. I don't think the Tigers should have fallen out of the top spot. Mathieu can be replaced on the defense when it comes to corner skills. I think LSU will be just fine.

Frank (New jersey)

We all know Mark Richt's win percentage and how great it is, but also know it's the crystal hardware that makes you elite. Will this Georgia program ever become elite under Richt's conservative program? A program that lacks discipline and does not stress the fundamentals of the game....

Edward Aschoff (12:07 PM)

Richt takes a lot of criticism and some of it certainly is justified, but I think people have to start pointing the finger at the players as well. Georgia has some of the strictest discipline policies out there, yet players STILL get in trouble. What does that say about them and their attitude? Yes, it starts with Richt putting some fear into his players, but I think the players should be held more accountable. With that said, until they improve their discipline off the field, I don't think Georgia will get to hold that crystal ball. This team right now has the talent to do it and if it stays out of trouble, watch out. But nothing has happened to say that it will at this point.

Michael (Fayetteville, Arkansas)

Ed do you think there can be another scenario where two teams from the SEC play for the national championship again?

Edward Aschoff (12:09 PM)

I think you could see it with teams like LSU and Bama again, LSU-Arkansas, Alabama-Arkansas, Georgia-South Carolina. They are all top-10 teams now and if they suffer just one loss then it's very possible again. The question is if the voters will feel pressured to not vote in another SEC title game ...