Arkansas Pressbox Roundtable

Each week, ArkansasSports360.com does a media roundtable to recap the weekend and look at interesting topics around the college football world.

This week, the good people over there asked yours truly to weigh in with a couple other members of the media on all things Arkansas, the Heisman and if Alabama really is the best team in the country.

I joined Justin Acri of "The Zone" on KABZ-FM, 103.7, sports anchor Mark Edwards of KTHV, Channel 11, and Chris Bahn and Doc Harper of ArkansasSports360. Here's sneak peek at what we dished about:


Jim Harris: Nick Saban summed up Arkansas’ performance Saturday as result of Tyler Wilson's being unavailable and the Hogs team being built around one player. But seriously, 52-0? Wilson’s absence caused Arkansas to suffer the worst loss it’s had in Fayetteville in close to 100 years? Two weeks ago they were ranked No. 8. What is wrong in Fayetteville?

Edward Aschoff: I think the confidence within this team is shot. I think it all started with the loss of Bobby Petrino and only intensified after losing at home to Louisiana-Monroe. Everyone on the outside lost any hope of Arkansas winning against Alabama when Tyler Wilson went down, and I think that carried over with the team in some spots. Wilson called his team out for quitting, and while he's taken some criticism for it, I think he was right in his assessment. Did everyone quit? No, but enough did that this one got out of hand very early. I wondered before the season how this team would react to John L. Smith when things got tough, and I wasn't sure it would be well because he just isn't the motivator Petrino was. If this team is going to rebound in any way, it has to rally around its coach and buy into what he's saying now more than ever.

Mark Edwards: The problem in Fayetteville is there’s no “Fear Factor." The starters assume every day they have a job. If they had to compete daily for a chance to play, things would be a lot different. It also appears they have a horrible work ethic in practice. They have NO Depth and just maybe this team isn’t as talented as we thought.

Justin Acri: With Petrino, Arkansas is a pretty good, but not great, team. Without him the Hogs are just OK. Without Wilson, this just isn’t a very good team and that of course is because when your offense can’t eat some clock and generate some points, your below average defense is further exposed. Petrino was able to cover some of that up with the dynamic offense he brought to the table. I don’t know why some guys are great at calling plays and coaching offense, but I can say pretty confidently that Bobby Petrino is one of those guys.

Chris Bahn: Wilson is important. But unless he can block for himself, run the football and play five of seven spots on the back end of the defense simultaneously, I’m not sure he provides a 52-point swing. However, Wilson’s leadership is missed tremendously. He’s been acting as head coach and spokesman for the team since April and not having him out there seems to throw everything off kilter.

Doc Harper: What’s wrong? Everything. When the head coach says Tyler Wilson is the team spokesman instead of himself, another coach, or even the athletic director, that says a lot. No one in recent college football history has been lauded for leadership more than Tim Tebow, but everyone still knew that was Urban Meyer's program. Wilson is having to be Tebow and Meyer put together because no one else in the program has stepped up.

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