Gamecocks going with Shaw as their starter

Connor Shaw will be South Carolina's starting quarterback Saturday against Missouri, and coach Steve Spurrier said nothing will change in terms of the way Shaw plays the game.

In other words, don't look for Shaw to shy away from running the ball.

Shaw has missed parts of the last two games after injuring his right (throwing) shoulder in the opener against Vanderbilt. Shaw said he suffered a hairline fracture in his shoulder, but Spurrier said Shaw looked good throwing the ball Monday in practice.

The big concern with Shaw is how many more hits he can take on that shoulder and keep playing effectively. The Gamecocks are at their best offensively when Shaw is running the ball and keeping defenses guessing.

"There's no question that running the ball is what Connor does, which makes him a good quarterback," Spurrier said. "So if he plays, he'll run it some. If he can't run, I don't think he's quite as effective."

Backup Dylan Thompson has played well in Shaw's absence, and his strong suit is throwing the ball. Spurrier said there may be times when Thompson can come in and help the Gamecocks, but it doesn't sound like the Head Ball Coach is thinking about juggling the two throughout the game.

"I hope Connor feels, 'Hey, Dylan can play. If I'm not doing very well, if I'm hurting a little bit, Dylan can help us go in there and win the game,'" Spurrier said. "So, I think both of them hopefully feel pretty good about each other. Maybe the team is a little stronger because we have two quarterbacks who can play."