Monday chat wrap

Another great chat today, so here's the wrap. Like every week, here's a preview if you were too busy arguing over whether or not that field goal last night was actually a field goal or not:


You ignored me last week, so I'll ask again. Moral victories aside, are you ready to admit that you were wrong about AU? With that QB and horrible defense, the Tigers will be lucky to make a bowl game.

Edward Aschoff (12:02 PM)

OK, so I might have been a little off about Auburn being a sleeper this season. But we finally saw some toughness out of that group against LSU, especially on defense. But the offense just continues to sputter out there. No real running game and Kiehl Frazier just doesn't look comfortable about there at all at QB. If that offense doesn't get any better it will be a struggle for Auburn to make a bowl game this year.

Jeff (Dallas)

Is it safe to say its time to pump the brakes on some of these 'experts' ripping LSU? Lsus first road game last yr was a narrow escape vs a 6 win msu team and it was 9-6 midway thru 4th qtr in that game. And that lsu teamwent on to destroy everyone except bama. Its funny bc Usc escapes at a mediocre vandy. Uf escapes at a mediocre texas a and m. Lsu does the same at auburn. Yet now we r hearing how the east is back, the east will challenge the west, and lsu is in trouble. Surely u will use common sense and offer some words of wisdom to the overreactionary crowd.

Edward Aschoff (12:04 PM)

Well, LSU certainly didn't look good when it came to throwing the ball Saturday. Execution and timing just wasn't there from Mettenberger. But I'm certainly not ready to say the season is over. This is still a very, very good football team and it has all the parts and pieces to challenge Alabama. Remember, this was a team that was picked to make another title run at the beginning of the year. Good teams always have these sort of games. Alabama had this game against Tennessee in 2009 and things worked out just fine ...

James J. Dillard (Crestline Park, AL)

I like to compare what Bama is doing right now to what Tiger Woods was doing in his prime. If they play bad, they'll beat 90% of the teams they play, if they play OK, they'll beat all of them, and if they bring their A-game, it's blowout city. What do you think?

Edward Aschoff (12:05 PM)

Pretty much. This team really hasn't been challenged this year, but I keep wondering if it's because Bama is just THAT good. These SEC road games coming up will test the Tide, but I think it's all about the LSU game from here on out.

TimeGoat (Ole Missy)

Ed, tell me why my Black Bears aren't far and ahead the favorites to win the West next year? Use specifics please.

Edward Aschoff (12:06 PM)

Calm down. This team still has a ton of depth issues and the defense has a tendency to break here and there. They need to get through this season before we start making wild predictions about the uh Bears ...

Chris (Aggieland)

Johnny Football has 12 TD's to his name with no turnovers in his first three games, and he didn't play the last two games in the second half with the exception of one drive in the 3rd quarter against SMU. Can Johnny continue to be electric against the Arkansas Defense, who may be a little bit quicker and stronger than the opponents in the past two games?

Edward Aschoff (12:08 PM)

I think he will. Arkansas has the worst defense in the SEC and Manziel and that offense are clicking right now. I don't care about the competition at this point. It's good to see players adjusting to a new staff so quickly. Now, things will be different once SEC play really gets going, but Manziel is the type of player that could do some real damage to Arkansas' defense. That unit just hasn't come to play this season.