Vanderbilt's Johnson takes issue with replay calls

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

It hasn't been a good year to be an official in the SEC, especially if you're a replay official.

Vanderbilt's Bobby Johnson is the latest coach to suggest that that replay system failed in the Commodores' 14-10 loss to South Carolina last week.

Johnson said he would "have to get in line" to convey his complaints to the SEC office.

Think SEC coordinator of officials Rogers Redding has spent much time on the telephone this week?

The two calls that went against Vanderbilt, and both were reviewed, were South Carolina's first touchdown on a pass D.L. Moore appeared to bobble and then come down with his foot out of bounds, and an earlier fumble the Commodores recovered, but was overturned because the replay official ruled that South Carolina running back Kenny Miles was down before the ball came loose.

"We review every play and they do it very quickly," Johnson said. "If they need more time, they ask for it. That was the case [on the touchdown]. I don't think it was a matter of being rushed. I'm at a loss to tell you why it wasn't overturned. I have no reason."

The issue here is the definition of conclusive video evidence. In both the Vanderbilt and Mississippi State games, replays appeared to be conclusive on the calls in question. The replay official obviously didn't see it that way and felt like there was some doubt.

The hard part for Johnson is that the video official last Saturday deemed that there wasn't enough video evidence to take away South Carolina's touchdown, but that there was enough evidence to take away the Commodores' fumble recovery.

Whatever the case, the beat goes on with the SEC and officiating.