Poll: Choosing the SEC's best defense

I broke down some of the numbers for the SEC's top defenses earlier Tuesday in the SEC blog.

Alabama is ranked No. 1 nationally in total defense and scoring defense, but Florida, LSU and South Carolina also deserve to be in that conversation about who has the league's best defense.

The most definitive answer will come later this season.

But here's your chance to weigh in via our SportsNation poll.

We'll throw in Mississippi State as a fifth choice. The Bulldogs are ranked 11th nationally in scoring defense and have posted 20 three-and-outs in five games.

Five of the country's top scoring defenses belong to SEC teams -- 1. Alabama, 4. South Carolina, 6. Florida, 8. LSU and 11. Mississippi State.

This is your chance to tell us who's played the best defense overall in the SEC. We'll go over the results later this week.