Monte Kiffin reveling in 'going back to school'

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

I had a chance to catch up with Tennessee defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin as well as his son, known better as Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin, earlier this week.

It's obvious that both are having a blast and excited about what the future holds for the Tennessee program.

Here's a story I did for the main college football page on Monte and his impact on a Tennessee defense that is playing as well as any defense in the SEC right now.

And for the record, Monte, who turns 70 in February, said the last thing on his mind is retiring.

"I'm going to be here, so everybody can quit telling our recruits that I'm retiring," he said. "I'm telling you, there's no place like coaching football at the University of Tennessee. I was at Nebraska, and we won national championships when I was 30 back in '70 and '71. But I’m just as excited now as I was then. If we had beaten Alabama, I would have been the first guy out there on that field celebrating. This has been so much fun."