A ton is on the line in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- This has always been a special rivalry, but it will be even more exciting with the SEC Eastern Division at stake.

You already know the storyline: Florida wins and it is headed to Atlanta. Georgia wins and the Bulldogs control the East.

Many thought Georgia would be in position to take the East, but few thought the Gators would be in this position. Something about second-year coaches at Florida.

I'm curious to see how Georgia's defense comes out today. Senior safety Shawn Williams called the defense's play soft this week, then named which players should be playing more at linebacker. I know the coaches hope it motivates players, but some guys were really upset with Williams airing out his issues publicly.

Was he right about this unit being soft? Yeah, but he probably should have said his piece in the locker room.

These teams really don't like each other. When the Gators ran out onto the field, some of the Georgia players started jawing with some Florida players. There was some pushing and shoving, and it looked like one of Florida's assistants was yelling at a Georgia assistant.

The stadium is split and kickoff is here. Should be good one!