Inside the Program: LSU's John Chavis

LSU defensive coordinator John Chavis broke down LSU's "Mustang" package with ESPN's Jenn Brown this morning. It's a breakdown of a play that resulted in an interception from Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel in LSU's last game.

"It's a pressure package," Chavis explained. "We can bring pressure from a lot of different places."

The question now is how does LSU force Alabama's AJ McCarron, who has yet to throw an interception this season, into a similar mistake?

"We intercept the ball when he throws it," Chavis said. "That's the easiest way, but that's going to be difficult because he does a great job. He makes very few mistakes."

If LSU is in the Mustang package -- a dime package with three linemen and two linebackers -- that will be a win in and of itself. The defense is used against spread offenses, something one would not expect from the Crimson Tide, and on obvious passing downs.

So if the Tigers get to use the Mustang much on Saturday, it would mean the Tigers are forcing Alabama into third-and-longs.