Alabama is still squarely in BCS driver's seat

There were plenty of heart-pounding moments for Alabama during the Crimson Tide's 21-17 victory against LSU on Saturday, but there were no anxious moments for the Crimson Tide when Sunday's BCS standings were released.

Alabama is still a very comfortable No. 1 and is cruising in the BCS standings. If Alabama wins out, it'll be cruising right down to South Beach to play in the Discover BCS National Championship Game. Alabama is first in both the human and computer polls.

Alabama passed a major test with its win at LSU, but the schedule doesn't let up this coming Saturday with Texas A&M visiting Tuscaloosa, Ala. After a 38-13 thrashing of Mississippi State over the weekend, the Aggies are now 15th in the BCS standings.

With Kansas State, Oregon and Notre Dame all undefeated and right behind the Tide, an Alabama loss in the regular season could end the SEC's chances at seven straight national championship appearances.

Things could have been very tricky for the SEC if Alabama had lost over the weekend. At this point, the best thing for the SEC is for Alabama to keep winning because it is the only SEC team that is guaranteed a trip to Miami if it wins out.

The BCS standings are cluttered with SEC teams in the top 10. Georgia sits fifth, Florida is sixth, LSU is seventh and South Carolina is eighth.

All four could have a chance at the Allstate Sugar Bowl. If LSU wins out, it's a very attractive option, and if Florida wins out and Georgia loses in the SEC championship game, the Gators could get invited. South Carolina needs the SEC teams ahead of it to lose.

So could another SEC team take Alabama's place in the national championship? It's possible, but the chances are slim. Georgia and Florida have the most realistic shots, but the surest way for either would be winning in Atlanta and having two of those undefeated teams in front of them lose. Beating Alabama in Atlanta certainly would help in the polls, but it might be tough for either to make it over an undefeated team at this point.

The SEC has clout, but it's looking unlikely that a one-loss SEC champ will move ahead of two of those other undefeated teams.