Hot Button: Manziel or Mariota?

So if you were given the chance to start a football team around either Johnny Manziel or Marcus Mariota, who would you take?

Both are redshirt freshmen and both are tearing it up on their respective playing fields.

Would you take the winged QB in Eugene, Ore., who is as calm as they come in the pocket? Or would you live a little more dangerously with the ad-libbing ankle-breaker down in College Station, Texas?

Honestly, both have been outstanding this year, but Pac-12 blogger Kevin Gemmell and I had a little Hot Button debate on the subject and took two different stances on both quarterbacks. I went with Johnny Football, while he went with Mariota.

Here's a little big of what I had to say:

For a player who never took a college snap until the second weekend of the 2012 season, Manziel has taken on a superhero persona, while playing the ultimate villain for defenses. If you leave him with room to run, he'll gut your defense with his speed and agility. Give him too much time to throw and he'll kill your spirits through the air.

Manziel might not have the prettiest form and his ad-libs can drive his coaches crazy, but with the way he has grown and with the way he stood tall inside the home of the nation's No. 1 team and stole more than just the show, it's hard to not want Manziel running your team.

Check out the video above, as well. Kevin and I weigh some pros and cons about the two there. And, yes, that is a stuffed Reptar doll on my bookshelf. Jealous?