One day, One game: Alabama vs. LSU

THE FOUR NOTES from the "Tiger Rag" are hardwired -- you've heard them a thousand times. Daaaaaaaaaaaa da daaaaa da. "Hold That Tiger."

But you've never really heard them until you've heard them played by the right hands and lips of the Golden Band from Tigerland at the right time on Saturday night, in the damn right place known as Death Valley. Daaaaaaaaaaaa da daaaaa da. The fanfare flies straight to the hearts of the Louisiana State University faithful and makes even novices understand what Dan Borne, the voice of Tiger Stadium, meant when he penned his ode to LSU football: "It is the cathedral of college football, and worship happens here."

And when the notes are played in the pregame show before the team faces No. 1 Alabama, they give chills to more than 93,000 people inside the stadium and an estimated 60,000 gathered outside -- even on an unseasonably warm night. "Hold That Tiger" separates this football game from any other.

But playing those notes requires taking a breath. So let's step back to Nov. 2, the eve of the big game.

Read here for the rest of Steve Wulf's story as part of ESPN The Magazine's One Day, One Game issue devoted to this season's Alabama-LSU game.

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