Monday chat wrap

Another successful Monday chat is in the books. Here's a quick preview for everyone who got an early start to the Thanksgiving weekend:

Nicholas (Texas)

If Alabama loses vs Auburn, then who goes to SEC title???

Edward Aschoff (12:04 PM)

LSU. The Tide would be eliminated because it would have two divisional losses, which means Texas A&M and LSU (they both have to win this weekend) would go head-to-head with two losses. LSU beat the Aggies so they would be headed to Atlanta.

Hal (Hiram, Ga)

if Georgia beats Georgia Tech but loses to Alabama what are their chances of playing in a Bowl Championship Series game?

Edward Aschoff (12:06 PM)

Very, very, very slim. The Bulldogs would need Florida, LSU and Texas A&M all to lose. A two-loss Georgia team wouldn't go over a one-loss Florida and a two-loss LSU or A

George (Orlando)

Aside from the wish-list candidates for the Vols job that are probably not going to materialize (e.g., Jon Gruden) who are actually the most realistic candidates and what should their priorities be in making their decision?

Edward Aschoff (12:08 PM)

I think Tennessee will have a good litter to pick from. The Sporting News reported that former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel is a candidate. That would be very interesting. I think Gary Patterson at TCU will hear his named called in this whole thing. Would Tennessee reach out to Vandy coach James Franklin? I mean, Dave Hart knows he can win and recruit and if he could turn Vandy around like that, imagine what he could do at Tennessee. Just sayin ...

Web (Dallas)

Please tell me it's going to be an A&M / Texas Cotton Bowl and that backroom politics won't derail it. How can this not happen??

Edward Aschoff (12:09 PM)

It could happen if LSU or Florida ends up in a BCS bowl game. That would leave the Cotton bowl to take the Aggies. That would be quite the draw for sure and we'd get a chance to see this rivalry game again. If the Cotton Bowl can get it, I don't think it will pass on it.

Kyle (College Station)

Will Damontre Moore come back for his senior season?

Edward Aschoff (12:11 PM)

That' really hard to say/believe. With the season he's had and the way his stock has really skyrocketed I don't see him coming back. Draft guys tell me he's a top-10 pick right now and has show how versatile he can be with him moving from LB to DE. I find it hard to believe that he will be back, but crazier things have happened.

A concerned reader (Everywhere, USA)

Ed, you wrote an article yesterday entitled a??The SEC is back in the BCS title picture.a?ý I think you mislabeled your title because the way you wrote the article, it seems like it should read a??Alabama now has a path again.a?ý You wrote, a??With Kansas State and Oregon both going down on Saturday, Alabama is right back in the running for the BCS title gamea?ýa?ý and a??Alabama now has to beat an overmatched Auburn team at home this coming weekend and then get past Georgia in the SEC championship game. Georgia is now No. 3 in the BCS standings and is playing its best ball of the season.a?ý Can the same not be said about UGA? Why the obvious bias against UGA in your writing? I know you went to Florida, but this type of jaded view is devaluing your overall writinga?¦ In the words of Chris Berman, Come On Man!

Edward Aschoff (12:13 PM)

I said Alabama is back where it was and has to win out to make it to Miami. That's a fact. I said if Georgia wins it's going to Miami. If Georgia were No. 2 I would have started the piece talking about the Bulldogs instead of Alabama. I'm not showing bias and I think Georgia can beat Alabama. It has the offense to do it for sure. You read too much into things, so come on man!