Howard: Les Miles talks, and we're listening

We don't need to wait for all precincts to report. We don't need no stinkin' second opinions. The best 1 minute and 54 seconds in sports last weekend, bar none, didn't happen on a field of play at all.

It happened once LSU football coach Les Miles took the postgame podium Saturday night in Baton Rouge feeling so emotional about Senior Day -- and, in particular, how one of his departing players had been labeled a disappointment by the media -- that he took off on a thundering, growling, wonderfully whackadoo rant that left him jabbing a finger through the air at several points and jamming his hands down hard on hips as he hissed and roared, bellowed and howled about how, "I AM PROUD OF THESE MEN!" He fearlessly evoked how he wasn't ashamed to admit his own playing career at Michigan "was a FLOP!"

"Just so ya know," Miles said, dropping his voice a couple registers. Then he took off on a verbal naked bootleg again.

It was fabulous. It was unique. And as any keen student of human behavior knows, if Miles was capable of that virtuoso performance, there has to be more where that came from, right?

A subsequent search for The Les Miles Hot List did not disappoint.

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