Florida's Spikes: Don't make the beast angrier

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

Florida's Brandon Spikes joked that he's seen this movie before, and the ending isn't usually a good one for the other team.

Spikes said the comments by LSU defensive tackle Ricky Jean-Francois about trying to knock Tim Tebow out of the game would have the reverse effect on the Gators' Heisman Trophy quarterback.

"I didn't take it personally because I know what kind of guy Tim Tebow is," said Spikes, Florida's All-SEC middle linebacker. "They really don't know what they're doing by saying things like that. They're just making the beast that much madder.

"When guys talk like that about Tim, it's just that much better for us. He'll definitely show up."

Former Florida State linebacker Geno Hayes put the bounty out on Tebow a year ago when he proclaimed prior to the game, "Tim Tebow is going down this week."

Tebow responded by throwing for three touchdowns and running for another in Florida's 45-12 dismantling of Florida State.

Spikes feels another one of those performances coming on this Saturday at the Swamp.

"Geno Hayes got in Tim's face, and on the next play, Tim broke his tackle and about three other tackles and went for a touchdown," Spikes recounted. "I've seen the outcome when guys talk trash to Tim."