What's your SEC team worth?

Alabama might have won its second straight national title and third in four years, but how much is Alabama's football team actually worth?

The Wall Street Journal published a study done by Ryan Brewer, an assistant professor of finance at Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus, "calculated the intrinsic valuations for 115 of the teams in the top-tier Football Bowl Subdivision," and the SEC found a few of its teams sitting comfortably in the top 10. The factors Brewer used in his study were revenues and expenses, cash-flow adjustments, risk assessments and growth projections for each school.

The figures are supposed to represent what football teams might be purchased for if they were sold on the open market like professional teams are.

Alabama might have won another title, but it doesn't top the SEC in worth. It isn't even second ... or third.

For the second straight year of the study, Texas ranked No. 1. Its value this time around was at $761.7 million. Florida was the highest-valued SEC team, coming in third nationally with a worth of $599.7 million.

Here's how the SEC schools stacked up:

3. Florida: $599.7 million

6. Auburn: $508.1 million

7. Georgia: $481.8 million

8. Alabama: $476 million

9. LSU: $471.7 million

12. Tennessee: $364.6 million

14. Arkansas: $332 million

15. South Carolina: $311.9 million

18. Texas A&M: $278.5 million

26. Kentucky: $202.7 million

49. Ole Miss: $111.7 million

55. Mississippi State: $99.3 million

66. Vanderbilt: $57.3 million

67. Missouri: $56.4 million

I was surprised to see Kentucky so high and Alabama not in the top 5. Also, Missouri being that low was a bit of a surprise as well. I can imagine Texas A&M's value will only go up after such a successful 2012 and that Heisman winner.