Lattimore says he's ready to shock doctors

Less than four months after suffering the second devastating knee injury of his college career, former South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore is looking to surprise doctors at this week's NFL scouting combine.

Well, in his own words, Lattimore said during an appearance on South Carolina's weekly radio program "Inside the Roost" Monday night that he thinks doctors "will be shocked" while evaluating him this week.

Lattimore is expected to be in Indianapolis for the combine from Thursday to Sunday. He won't go through any physical drills while he's in town, but he said he'll start running next Monday. Yeah, you read that right: Lattimore will be running next week after tearing multiple ligaments during his gruesome knee injury just a few months ago. Dr. James Andrews will be with Lattimore at the combine to help answer any questions about Lattimore's injury and his recovery.

I'm sure there will be a ton of questions thrown at Lattimore and Andrews when it comes to his health and surgery. Lattimore has had two season-ending knee injuries in back-to-back seasons, and his durability has to be something that NFL teams are questioning. He went from a surefire first-round draft pick to a major draft question. People might not know how durable Lattimore is, but they know that when he's healthy he's one of the best running backs around. He's an every-down back, and has all the tools to succeed at the next level. But his health is still an issue.

He seems very confident about his rehab, and if he really is this ahead in his rehabilitation process, it will no doubt impact his draft stock heading into April.

He's no longer a first-round pick, but someone will take a chance on him. He's worth it. A team will have to be patient with Lattimore, but if he can really come back from this, he'll definitely be worth the wait.