Join the SEC blog bracket challenge

It's that time of year. March Madness is officially here and it's time to get those brackets going and the workforce around the United States to take some days off.

Last year, we debuted our bracket challenge on the blog, and we're back for more in 2013. The winner gets some face time in one of our mailbags with a post/rant of his or her choosing. Obviously, we'll edit it on our end and "OK" things before making it public, but this is a chance for a lucky reader to gloat about whatever makes him or her happy.

Don't get all discouraged because of the lack of SEC firepower in the Big Dance (I'm looking at you Kentucky fans). Tournament time is fun for everyone, so join the SEC blog bracket and see if you can knock off the ATL Kid.

I was in it until the very end last year, but I accidentally picked Kentucky to lose to Kansas in the final. I swear my finger slipped ...

But this year, no excuses. I'm taking this one home, just like I took home the picks challenge. We'll see if Chris has any confidence left after the beating I put on him from earlier this season.

Don't be shy, sign up and have fun watching what a true postseason in college sports looks like!

Remember to always trust 16 seeds and Gonzaga ...