Tournament challenge Week 2 update

We're coming down to the wire with the NCAA tournament and our bracket challenge here on the SEC blog. After the regional finals, we have a new leader and the SEC bloggers are on the outside looking in.

WarEagleKK 1 is at the top of the bracket board with 930 points. This bracket has three of the four Final Four teams in Louisville, Michigan and Syracuse. It also has Louisville beating Michigan in the national championship.

I'm still waiting for Sunday's games to begin after we watched the Cardinals and Wolverines host live scrimmages for fans. I mean, did Duke and Florida even know they had games Sunday?

My bracket was looking good after I picked Syracuse to upset Indiana, but I lost out on Florida and Ohio State. My bracket ranks 57th in our group with 700 points. My national champion -- Florida -- is out so my bracket is officially busted.

Chris' bracket is in even worse shape, as none of his Final Four teams survived. He picked Miami to win it all and is sitting with just 570 points.

Remember, the winner gets to headline our mailbag next week.