Tournament challenge winner crowned

Now that the madness is (sadly) over, we have crowned our SEC blog champion in this year's tournament challenge. Unfortunately, it wasn't me (again).

Your 2013 SEC blog tournament champion is WarEagleKK, whose WarEagleKK 1 bracket finished with 1,570 points. Louisville's 82-76 win over Michigan sealed WarEaglekk's win. WarEagleKK's bracket actually had three teams in the Final Four and had Louisville beating Michigan. Well done.

With the win, WarEagleKK now joins very elite company with the opportunity to lead our next mailbag. Send a message to my ESPN profile (Edward_Aschoff) and we'll get you in the system.

As for my bracket (The ATL Kid), I picked Louisville to make it to the national championship, but I also picked Florida to beat Louisville. Michigan officially ruined my chances, so I finished in 164th place with 860 points.

Chris' bracket (The ATL Kid's cat) really was just off the map with 570 points. That's what happens when all of your Final Four teams fail to make it to Atlanta.

Make sure you guys hit up our mailbag with some questions this week. We've been short on actual questions in there in the past few months, so get on it readers! It's easy, really. Just click here and send your questions.