'Dores at Dawn' is nothing to mess with

Vanderbilt coach James Franklin is rarely short on intensity. Even his handshakes have a little kick to them.

But his intensity takes a new form in the wee hours of the morning when it's time for some fun conditioning on Vandy's campus.

In what the school has dubbed "Dores at Dawn," Franklin and his coaches push players through rigorous conditioning drills, challenges and competitions.

Oh, and it's all at 5 a.m.

Even on bitterly cold days, Commodores players are sprinting, jumping twisting and wrestling for tires. It's all very intense and probably more fun to watch than actually take part in. In the football world, it's not a new spin on how schools take to conditioning, but Vanderbilt released a video of an early-morning conditioning romp players went through in February.

It's cool to see what these guys go through when people aren't watching, and it looks like players really buy into the whole ordeal.

The video begins with a nice motivational exchange between Franklin and his players in which talk of the past is pretty much nonexistent. That's the mindset of the entire team and it has certainly paid off the past couple years.

Watching stuff like this fires you up, no matter who you root for, so check out Vandy's "Dores at Dawn" video by clicking here. And then do 100 pushups and pull-ups before running five miles!