Auburn's Jacobs says report was flawed

Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs said an internal review by the university failed to uncover any academic fraud, which was alleged earlier this month in a Roopstigo.com report.

In a letter to the Auburn family, Jacobs said the article by Selena Roberts was "clearly flawed."

Jacobs added, "I want you to know that I will always act on the basis of facts. I will continue to fight for Auburn University, and I will continue to defend this great institution against such attacks."

You can read Jacobs' entire letter here.

Of note in the letter, Jacobs said a comprehensive review of the Auburn athletic department has been ordered by university president Jay Gogue. The review will be conducted by a committee selected by Gogue and will include current and former coaches, athletic administrators, players and business executives.

“There is no question that this has been a tough year for Auburn athletics,” Jacobs wrote in his open letter. “We all expect better, and we know we have to win. As disappointing as this year has been, rest assured we will bounce back. We always have.”