No panic for Missouri's Gary Pinkel

After a long and disappointing debut season in the SEC, Missouri coach Gary Pinkel did what he always does in the offseason.

He went back and evaluated everything in his program, and in doing so, kept coming up with the same conclusion.

His system isn’t broken.

“We’re going to continue to do the things we're doing and are very comfortable with our program and the foundation of who we are,” said Pinkel, who suffered his first losing season a year ago since 2004.

The Tigers were decimated by injuries, particularly in the offensive line, and lost three of their last four games to finish 5-7.

Pinkel did bring in a new offensive coordinator, Josh Henson, but said he wasn’t caught off-guard in the least bit by the grind or overall strength of the SEC.

“The league is exactly what I expected,” Pinkel said. “There are a lot of good football teams in this league. We understand that and had some issues that if I had done a better job of coaching that we would have overcome.

“It’s a great league. We’re proud to be in it, should be in it, like competing in it and like being a part of it.”

That said, Pinkel acknowledged that there was a renewed sense of urgency among the Tigers’ players.

“We’ve all got a chip on our shoulder a little bit and are used to winning around here,” said Pinkel, who won 48 games from 2007-11. “That’s all been very positive. But I’m still a process guy, whether it’s this year or last year or the year before. We’re going to focus on the process of doing things right every day.”