Fans want to see Alabama vs. Oregon

Playing off the immortal words of Lynyrd Skynyrd, what song (game) is it you want to hear (see)?

We threw out a few dream possibilities involving SEC teams a week ago in our SportsNation poll. These were potential nonconference matchups.

With more than 11,200 votes cast, the winner was Alabama vs. Oregon. That was certainly the game I wanted to see last season in the BCS National Championship Game. I think it's the game most college football fans wanted to see -- the classic high-octane, speed-of-light offense versus a suffocating defense that's been in the top 5 nationally in most major statistical categories for five years running.

The Alabama-Oregon matchup received 31 percent of the vote. A close second was Texas vs. Texas A&M, which received 28 percent of the vote. Surely, the Longhorns and Aggies will play again at some point. I guess we'll have to wait until Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds decides the time is right since Texas "gets to decide" when the two old rivals will meet again.

The way Kevin Sumlin has it going in College Station, Dodds might want to wait a long while.

Coming in third place in our poll was Florida vs. Ohio State, which got 18 percent of the vote. We could dub it the Urban Meyer Bowl.

Fourth place in the voting was South Carolina vs. USC (15 percent), while fifth place was LSU vs. Notre Dame (8 percent).

What are some other dream nonconference matchups?

A few that come to mind: Alabama vs. USC, South Carolina vs. Oklahoma (Steve Spurrier vs. Bob Stoops), Georgia vs. Florida State, LSU vs. Michigan, Texas A&M vs. Oregon, Tennessee vs. Virginia Tech, Florida vs. Texas and Arkansas vs. Wisconsin (the Bret Bielema Bowl).