Gamecocks setting pace in division games

We know by now that Steve Spurrier would like to see only divisional games count in determining which teams advance to the SEC championship game every year.

It’s worth noting that the Gamecocks are 14-2 in the Eastern Division over the past three seasons, which is the best divisional record in the league during that span. The only two East teams South Carolina has lost to over the past three years were Florida on the road last season and Kentucky on the road during the 2010 season.

Spurrier’s idea will never fly, but it does raise an interesting question: Which teams have done the best within their own divisions over the past three years?

Here’s a rundown (Missouri and Texas A&M have only been in the SEC for one season):

  • South Carolina: 14-2

  • LSU: 13-3

  • Alabama: 12-4

  • Florida: 12-4

  • Georgia: 12-4

  • Arkansas: 7-9

  • Auburn: 7-9

  • Mississippi State: 4-12

  • Tennessee: 4-12

  • Vanderbilt: 4-12

  • Kentucky: 3-13

  • Ole Miss: 3-13