Mike Slive will mull his future plans

All good things must come to an end, and one day SEC commissioner Mike Slive will step away from his job.

When that will be is unknown, but he plans to make a decision on his future as the SEC's commish in the coming months.

"I'll sit down with the league and have a conversation," Slive told ESPN. "It's been a busy, busy year: completing the College Football Playoff, adding A&M and Missouri into the league and getting so we could announce the SEC Network. I haven't had time to think about anything other than the current year.

"As we work toward the summer and fall, I'll have time to think what I would like to do (in the future)."

Slive said that he plans to talk with his family, which will play a big part in his decision, and the SEC's school presidents about his retirement plans.

The day that Slive, who 73 on July 26, retires will be a sad day for the SEC. Under his watch, the SEC has seen tremendous success, while Slive has turned himself into one of college sports' most powerful people, especially in the college football world.

During Slive's 10 years as the SEC's commissioner, the league has won eight BCS national titles, including the past seven. It also hired its first black head coach -- Sylvester Croom at Mississippi State -- and its first black athletic director -- Damon Evans at Georgia -- in December of 2003.

The SEC also announced a 20-year deal with ESPN, which is scheduled to launch in August of 2014, and will distribute a record $289.4 million in revenue among its 14 schools.

Slive's contract expires in August of 2014.