Tim Keown: Johnny Manziel Inc.

Everything Johnny Manziel says or does is put right under that microscope. Whether he's tweeting or taking pictures, Manziel's life plays out like a reality TV show that we just can't look away from.

It's the life of a famous college football player, but it's also the life of a college student. His infamous tweet from earlier this month made plenty of noise around the college football landscape, proving once again Manziel is getting too big for the pond he's in.

ESPN's Tim Keown takes a look at Johnny Football's life in College Station and writes that there are some legitimate complaints Manziel has about being a college football star:

The Memorial Student Center at Texas A&M is quite a place. It's a testament to the nothing-is-too-good-for-our-kids philosophy of college architecture -- glass, stone and steel, with luxurious sitting rooms and restaurants and whatever else you might need to escape the infernal College Station heat.

There's a little social commentary going on inside the official student bookstore, too. It's evident from the moment you walk through the door that one sport -- and one young man -- runs the show. The most prominent clothing items are "No Heisman without the MAN" T-shirts and "Heisman Football" T-shirts and No. 2 jerseys and No. 2 T-shirts and No. 2 baseball caps. It's all very careful: no direct reference to Johnny Manziel and no mention of "Johnny Football," the nickname Manziel has attempted to protect -- and eventually monetize -- through copyright.

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