No more digs at Crimson Tide

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- The star of today's SEC Media Day session wasn't a coach or even a player. It was veteran SEC writer Bob Holt of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Holt, doing his best to get LSU coach Les Miles to follow up on his recent dig at Alabama, asked the Tigers' coach: "The state of Louisiana has 12 colleges that play football. If Alabama played those 12 as a schedule in the season, what do you think their record would be?"

Now, to rewind, this past Sunday night Miles told an LSU booster club group in New Orleans not to make too much of the Tigers' win over Alabama last season because "it seems like a lot of teams in Louisiana beat that team."

He was referring to Alabama's embarrassing home loss to Louisiana-Monroe last season.

But when pushed further today, Miles wasn't biting, although he did do a pretty good job of dancing around the question in the heart of Crimson Tide territory.

"I want you to know something: I have great respect for the University of Alabama, the history they have presented to college football, the competition that they put on every time they take the field," Miles said. "I promise you that any fun and entertainment that I have with supporters is very respectful."

Something tells me that Nick Saban and the Tide Nation didn't think Miles' dig was very respectful.