Thompson: Uncle Nate smarter than NCAA?

All the talk about Johnny Manziel's celebrity lifestyle and his controversy over autographs has brought a prominent character into the Texas A&M limelight.

Nate Fitch -- better known as "Uncle Nate."

He's Manziel's personal assistant and has been attached to the Heisman Trophy winner's hip since the world first met Johnny Football. Now, he's at the center of an autographing controversy that could result in Manziel being ruled ineligible for the 2013 season.

Want to know more about Uncle Nate? Well, ESPN's Wright Thompson took a trip down to College Station, Texas, to dive deeper into the life of Nate Fitch:

"Fitch is a Turtle who wants to be an E.

He's a college dropout, in the entrepreneurial sense of the word, more dreamer than slacker. He's Manziel's assistant, media coordinator, business manager, designated driver. He goes by Uncle Nate, which is a nickname Manziel says Fitch gave himself. Fitch, 20, allegedly works for free, betting on the come, looking into the future when Manziel is an NFL star. He wears a gold rope bracelet, acting like an agent on a television show, talking with confidence about tit-for-tat horse trading and his deep knowledge of the NCAA rulebook. If you wanted to get Johnny Football, at least before Sunday, Fitch could do in two days what Texas A&M couldn't do in two months. As publicists go, he handled himself like a pro. Many people in College Station know Fitch's role in Manziel's life."