No concussion for Vanderbilt's Matthews

Vanderbilt wide receiver Jordan Matthews had a career game to start the season, but there was a scary moment in the fourth quarter when he was laid out by an Ole Miss defender. After the hit, he fell to the ground and vomited twice, leading many to believe he might have suffered a concussion.

However, Matthews said it wasn’t a concussion and that he had no symptoms of a concussion. He became ill because he had been hit in the stomach.

“If you look at the hit, I definitely got hit in the stomach,” Matthews said. “I think people were worried about that I went back out there too fast, but we have a top-notch training staff. They knew that there was no concussion symptoms. They saw that I felt fine. My eyes weren’t dilated and I wasn’t looking crazy, so they knew I was ready to play.”

Vanderbilt coach James Franklin acknowledged the concussion issues in football right now but made it clear that it was not his decision or the decision of the coaches to put Matthews back in. It was a decision made by the medical staff.

Matthews finished with 10 catches for 178 yards and a touchdown. His biggest came after the hit when he hauled in a 37-yard reception for a key first down on fourth-and-long.

As a junior last season, Matthews was first-team All-SEC with 94 catches for 1,323 yards. He now leads all SEC receivers in both categories after his performance against Ole Miss in the season opener.