Monday chat wrap

We had another great Monday chat. Here's the chat wrap from earlier, and here's a quick preview for anyone who took too long to decide between tuna salad or chicken salad during their lunch break:

Mike (Sunny Scottsdale, AZ)

Hey Ed, there appears to be a little QB controversy brewing with my beloved Vols. Dobbs looked sharp, better than his number indicated, 5-12, some of those incompletions were bad drops, he hit his receivers right in the numbers. So, who should get the start at Missouri Worley or Dobbs?

Edward Aschoff (12:05 PM)

I have to say that I was impressed with [Joshua] Dobbs' composure. He had every opportunity to crumble under the pressure of playing Alabama, but he didn't even come close. He wasn't stellar, but he looked better than expected. At this point, you've taken away his redshirt, play him if you are comfortable with him. As long as [Justin] Worley is hampered, you have to go with the guy who can win games for you. Dobbs hasn't won yet, but maybe he's ready for his chance. I would go with a healthy Worley still, but if he's limited, I think you go Dobbs.

william (hollis)

Should be a interesting week with the Bielema and Gus feud....who the battle of no huddle and hurry up no huddle?

Edward Aschoff (12:06 PM)

I don't think you'll hear too much about that from either. Certainly not with Arkansas in the shape it's in. I don't even know if the Hogs can slow down this Auburn team right now ... regardless of if it ran a hurry-up or not.

Kib (Richmond, VA)

Gamecocks are coming off an emotional win against MIZ. History has proven, they've struggled in the past after monumental wins. Would love to see them run the table and get to Atlanta. What do you think they're in for this weekend against Miss State?

Edward Aschoff (12:08 PM)

This is the perfect game for the Gamecocks to trip up. It's just how it works sometimes and we've seen it before with this team. Remember 2010 after beating Alabama? I think this team will be focused, but you're right, they can't think about what they did. Mississippi State could be fighting for a bowl berth this year, so every game is important for the Bulldogs. Don't think they won't be hungry for a win, but that offense has to get going in the second half. The Bulldogs have been outscored 50-10 in the fourth quarter in the last three games.

Rob (Charlotte)

Assuming that Alabama wins out and goes to the BCSNCG this year ... what opponent do you think would pose the biggest threat to the Tide? RTR

Edward Aschoff (12:11 PM)

Oregon. I like this Florida State team, but the Seminoles don't run the ball like the Ducks. I think if the Ducks can spread things out they'll give the Tide some trouble. Look at what Texas A&M was able to do. Now, if you give Saban that much time to prepare, it usually works to his favor, but I think the Ducks would pose the biggest threat.

Ron (ATL)

Ed-- The winner of the UF-UGA game still has a shot at Atlanta (though slim). If UF does "find a way" to defeat UGA, Vandy and SC, do you see a scenario where Mizzou starts to lose steam now as their loss to SC and lose 3 SEC games (SC, Tx A&M and TN)?

Edward Aschoff (12:14 PM)

Oh, it's possible. Ole Miss is tough and it's on the road. The Aggies, well we all know what they can do. And you cant' sleep on Tennessee. yeah, they are battered right now but this team still be South Carolina. I still think Mizzou gets through the weekend, but it's still a long season.