Wickersham: Rolando McClain's exile

Rolando McClain did the inexplicable less than six months ago. All of 24 years old and in his prime physical condition, he walked away from a career and millions of dollars in the NFL to re-enroll at the University of Alabama. After multiple run-ins with the law and fearing he'd become the next Aaron Hernandez, he returned to a school and a town that could offer him some comfort and a chance at putting his life back together.

ESPN The Magazine's Seth Wickersham spent time with the former Baltimore Ravens linebacker in Tuscaloosa trying to get at the heart of his decision to retire and his desire to get back on track before it was too late. As McClain told Wickersham, he and UA coach Nick Saban talk occasionally, though Saban did introduce McClain to a therapist. But as McClain said, "I'm scared of what he might figure out about me."

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