Baggett doing well after missed kick

It didn't take long for Missouri kicker Andrew Baggett's to feel the wrath of the Twitterverse after he missed a field goal in overtime in the Tigers' loss to South Carolina last Saturday.

Moments after Baggett's 24-yard attempt clipped the goalpost, Internet tough guys -- and gals -- went to typing away their disgust and launching it at the redshirt sophomore, who a week earlier made five field goals in the win over Florida.

A simple Google search will bring up the nasty and vicious tweets hurled Baggett's way after the loss. They were nothing short of embarrassing, and some came from so-called Missouri fans. You would have thought Baggett kicked the ball in the other direction from the garbage that was tweeted his way.

Like an adult, Baggett put the missed kick on himself and is working to move past it. Let's just hope he hasn't checked his Twitter since Saturday.

Missouri coach Gary Pinkel went to bat for Baggett on Wednesday and said that he spoke to his kicker on Tuesday. Pinkel said that he and his team embraced Baggett and let him know that it wasn't his kick that lost the game for the Tigers. There were a number of different plays that contributed to Mizzou blowing a 17-0 fourth-quarter lead Saturday.

Pinkel also advised Baggett to stay away from social media for a while.

"[Social media] can be brutal," Pinkel said. "I never read it, but I've been told. Obviously, I get updates on everything that's happening from a media standpoint and a networking standpoint. When I got to hear some of the things that were said to him, it's pretty remarkable that anybody can do something like that.

"He's our guy, and a week ago he was one of the best kickers in the country, and he's still a good kicker."

Yes, it seems like those "fans" completely forgot about how he had hit eight field goals in a row before that game. He certainly didn't have his best game against the Gamecocks (he hit 1 of 3 on the night), but there was no reason to fire off malicious rants over a kick -- or even a game.

It was sad to see, but Pinkel said that Baggett is moving on from both Twitter and the kick. He'll see plenty more kicks and plenty more tweets. I'm sure he could care less about the second one, though.