Georgia, Tennessee tied in secondary violations

As Chip Towers of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution points out, Georgia has committed the same number of secondary violations in the past year as Tennessee -- six.

Yet, Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin is the one who's been painted as the reckless one, certainly much more so than Georgia's Mark Richt. Some of that is the way Kiffin has been so vocal about everything.

The Vols could also be facing a few more violations. They're being investigated by the NCAA for the alleged misuse of recruiting hostesses. Already, several prospects around the southeast have been questioned by NCAA investigators.

It would be premature for anybody to speculate what will come of this. But basically, if the NCAA decides Tennessee coaches had anything to do with, knew about or were negligent in any way concerning the hostesses' trip over to Duncan, S.C, to see the Byrnes High School prospects play, then the Vols are probably looking at major violations.

Otherwise, it's probably going to be more secondary in nature, but even secondary violations could lead to penalties, especially if the NCAA thinks a pattern has been established.

It's never a good thing when the NCAA is poking around, certainly not this close to signing day. As one former administrator in the SEC was fond of saying, "They're not out there just racking up frequent flier miles."