Ivan's been (nearly) everywhere, man

For years, my colleague Gene Wojciechowski and I had a running argument about which of us had covered a story at the most FBS schools. Finally, after years of ribbing, we added them up. Let's just say I not only won, but I covered the spread.

By my most recent count, which I made before I began to type this, I have reported a story or covered a game at 93 FBS schools. Among the Atlantic Coast, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 and Southeastern Conferences, I have worked a story at all but two schools: Washington State and Vanderbilt. Nothing personal, Cougars and Commodores. I covered a Washington State home game earlier this season. However, the Cougars played Stanford in Seattle. Doesn't count.

I may be a jack of all conferences and a master of none, but traveling across the country to cover college football has been a blast. That's why I'm excited that this weekend, 10 of our conference reporters are stepping out of their leagues to see how other parts of the country celebrate their Saturdays. It's anthropology, with shoulder pads.

To whet their appetites, and maybe yours, what follows is a thumbnail description of some of the games I've covered and the places I've covered them. I discovered I don't remember my thumbnails as well as I used to. But with a little help from Google, I have blown the dust off my mental scrapbook and peeked inside.

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