Monday chat wrap

Another great SEC chat to fill in that Monday lunch break. Here's the wrap from earlier in case you were protesting last week's chat cancellation and missed out today. Here's a quick peak at what you missed:

Konathan Jowles (Atlanta)

Mr. Aschoff, if the stars align, do you realistically see a one-loss Auburn team (beating Bama & Mizzou/South Carolina) jumping Ohio State? I don't see it happening.

Edward Aschoff (12:06 PM)

I just don't see it. The two are separated by too much right now in the BCS standings. It would be a major win, of course, but I just think it would be too hard for the Tigers to jump an unbeaten Ohio State team at this point. Root for Michigan/Michigan State and Florida ... you know you want to.

Dan (Dallas)

Does Auburn have a shot to win the Iron Bowl?

Edward Aschoff (12:07 PM)

Certainly. It's a home game, this team is still looking for a little more respect, and that running game has been amazing this season. Auburn is averaging 320 rushing yards per game and has 37 rushing touchdowns. Alabama is allowing just 91 rushing yards a game. I think if the Tigers are going to have a shot they have to be able to throw. Alabama wants to play a one-demensional offense. Nick Marshall has to throw down field in order to win.

Mike (Sunny Scottsdale, Ariz.)

Hey Ed, after the crushing defeat my beloved Vols suffered this past weekend, is there reason to be optimistic about next season? There has just been some baffling game-planning and play-calling, especially this past Saturday, after having two weeks to prepare. Really, you have the kicker throw a pass on fourth-and-19, and then the next series, when the Vols really needed a score, you punt it to Vandy on fourth-and-2 with under 5 minutes to play. I think everyone had to realize that Vandy would go for it on all their remaining fourth downs. Turns out they did and it put the Vols in a position where they couldn't do much about it. Coach Jones said that he thought they needed a TD to win, thats why he went for it on fourth-and-19. Well, they still needed a TD, why not ask the O-line to man up one last time and run a QB keeper to pick up those 2 yards? I, like a lot of fans, can handle losing, but I feel like they just kind of gave up there. Had they gone for it at least they could have said they tried. Instead they relied on a defense that really hadn't stopped anyone all year. Frustrating/END RANT

Edward Aschoff (12:10 PM)

I know it's frustrating, especially considering where this once-proud program was. But you have to be patient with a new regime. Tennessee isn't loaded with quality SEC talent right now, but Butch Jones is doing a very good job on the recruiting trail. Now, we know that five-stars mean nothing without development, so that's the key for this staff. We saw it at Auburn this year. Tennessee is capable of a solid rebound next year if young guys step up. I think the attitude difference is the biggest positive right now for the Vols.

Vernon (Richmond, Va.)

How much hotter did Muschamp's seat get after UF's loss to Georgia Southern?

Edward Aschoff (12:13 PM)

It really can't get any hotter this season. Expect changes, but I'm not ready to say Will Muschamp is out at Florida. Injuries have been an issue, but it's inexcusable to lose to Georgia Southern. This team was without 19 scholarship players. You're at home. Play with some pride. Show some heart. Is there a big enough coach to come in though and replace Muschamp right now? I don't know so I think Jeremy Foley is in a tough spot. Maybe he really does believe in his heart that Muschamp can turn things around. But if he doesn't, then there's no point in keeping a coach who has a team that quit on Saturday. I like Muschamp personally, but this is a very tough position for the program. It's at a crossroads